Week 4 Plated Main Courses- Celebration of the Sea

Turbot dish

For Plated Main Courses I did a fabulous dish called Turbot, crab veloute, cannelloni, bloody Mary gel, saffron yoghurt, fennel textures.

Turbot lives in shallow waters and when it can, it will enthusiastically eat crab so it makes sense to combine both on a plate.

turbot imageVelvet crab are under appreciated delicacy in Ireland.

They get caught with the better known brown crab and are just as good to eat but people don’t tend to know this .

trawlerIn the recipe I am going to share ,I will  serve them with a kind of  veloute , accompanying the turbot fillet , and also as a cannelloni – a celebration of the sea .

It has many different elements but if you plan in advance, then this dish will really  impress and wow your guests!

Just click Week 4 Plated Main Courses to download full details on how to prepare this amazing dish.

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Week 3 Starter Dishes

I feels that you should kick start your menu off with starters that are going to compliment the rest of the menu, i.e. start as you mean to go on.

My recipe today is  Goose and oatmeal sausage with pickled cherries, shaved pear, celeriac puree and celeriac crisps. While this sounds complicated it is actually a easy to follow recipe with flavours that marry so well together .

If you do not have a sausage meat stuffer you can use a piping bag with a plain nozzle or line a 2lb loaf tin with cling film .

Use this recipe to impress your guests at a dinner party click Week 3 Starter Dishes to download full details on how to prepare it.

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2015-02-03 17.59.33

Still not too late to brine 

2015-02-08 01.22.35

Brining is the technique of soaking meat or fish in a dilute salt solution until the dissolved salt permeates the muscle tissue. You’re shooting for a final concentration of about 0.5% salt throughout.

The challenge with brining is getting the meat or fish deep in the interior to be just as salty as  on the outside.

Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s easy to end up with a steep gradient of saltiness.

For more information on brining follow the link below:


Week 2 Amuse Bouche

  amuse bouche photo    The definition of amuse bouche could be described as a French term which means a little bit of food which is served before the meal to stimulate the appetite , normally without charge by the restaurant.

Today I am going to share  3 very tasty yet simple Amuse Bouche Recipes , maybe if you have a dinner party coming up these may help get the party off to a very impressive start ,just click on Week 2 Amuse Bouche and Enjoy…

for week 1 click Week 1 stock

Mushroom jelly with mushroom cream

Lamb jelly with cucumber

Szechwan Broth

Wild Rock Samphire

Spill the Beans

Not all food has to have a price tag, some of the tastiest treats out there can be foraged for free!

Like many out there, I have a fascination with survival and dystopian futures, and I often wonder would I be able to survive in the wild if things started to go haywire.

This series aims to capture those feelings while also educating people about wild food. A little bit of knowledge, goes a long way. This week:

Rock Samphire

Found on shingle beaches, this green, perennial plant can be found adorning fleshy stems and wide yellowy flowers.

Great for those who simply want to grab and go, this plant can be found in abundance in coastal areas, particularly on rocks by the sea. Its season lasts from May until about September.

Mentioned by Shakespeare in King Lear, gathering samphire is not always easy, and one must take care when…

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week 1Stocks and Soups

A stock of quality can’t rely on cooked carcass and left over for flavours, it needs the strength of raw meats, the choice of meat will vary according to type of stock being made.

For a dark stock beef shin, shoulder or oxtail is recommended as these cuts contain plenty of flavour. For a lighter chicken stock, wings are great source of flavour.chicken stock

These cuts also contain gelatine, which is key ingredient for many stocks as when meat cooks slowly, the collagen fibres in the connective tissue break down into gelatine.

As gelatine cools it forms a fragile solid gel.

Fish stocks are straight forward as there is no connective tissue to be broken down.

With a fish stock you are looking to capture the sweet aromatic characteristics of the vegetables and the bones. It’s best to use the bones from white fish.

Crustacean shells contain lots of fragment flavours that will reinforce the delicate aroma of shellfish stocks.

The vegetables used in a fish stock can vary but tend to be the same ones you find in a classic court bouillon.

Soups and the finishing touches of soups are what brings the dish alive. When the soup has cooled slightly you can decide what is needed, the addition of acidity can enhance the flavour especially a rich soup.

When tasting soup check if it would benefit from the addition of sherry vinegar, grated parmesan or maybe flavoured oil.

Perhaps add croutons for crunch, other ideas may be diced sauté bacon, coriander seeds. These flavours will enhance the soup but also give excitement to the palate. red cabbage 2

For my recipe from college of Red Cabbage Gazpacho and mustard ice cream click Week 1 stock to download it.

red cabbage

Discover ITT

Discover ITT Runner Up Trophy

As part of Kerry Entrepreneurship month , students at ITT Tralee get a chance to pitch their innovative ideas with a view to turning them into a successful business.

As a finalist, I came second with my business idea and I am thrilled.

I have been a chef in the beautiful picturesque Dingle for many years, and ran my own successful café in the town for many years prior to that.

blas na farraige shellfish stocckI love cooking seafood and shellfish, and this is where I got my idea for my product – Blas Na Farraige Shellfish Stock.

My product is a beautiful stock made from the shells of crabs and prawns predominantly.

The waste shells are then returned to De Brun Iasc Teo who make compost from the shells .

My target market will be retail, restaurants and general public with the potential to export globally.

My business story is one of sustainability.

I would not have achieved this award without the support of my partner, my family, the lecturers at I.T Tralee and Breda O’ Dwyer CEED.

I cannot thank the college enough for the support I have received over the past 4 years .

discover itt finalist

Chef Magnus Nilsson

Chef Magnus NilssonChef Magnus Nilsson is a World Renowned Swedish Chef.

Magnus runs his restaurant Fäviken with the same ethos as the farm that the restaurant building once housed.

His small team of chefs harvest and preserve all the food for the restaurant by hand, using the most natural methods possible.

They reject the popular contemporary cooking equipment, such as low-temperature water baths and liquid nitrogen, in favour of simple cooking methods of grilling and roasting over open coals, relying on the chefs’ innate skills and knowledge of the product to get the perfect result.

This approach results in the highly creative food they serve in the restaurant, the pure, intense flavours of which, far from seeming traditional, are remarkable.

Chef Magnus Nilsson at work


Chef Magnus Nilsson is frequently referred to as the rising star of Nordic cooking. To find out why, and to read the full amazing story on the award winning Chef Magnus Nilsson, click this link >> culinary skills chef

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The Kerry Food Story


Kerry Food Directory

I was honoured last year to be part of a great Kerry Food Producer Directory which has recipes from top chef’s around Kerry .

All of the chefs have studied at the IT Tralee . The recipes created by the chefs use all local produce.

This book with 150 local Kerry Food and Drink producers is a reminder to us as chefs and also to customers the array of local home grown and local  produce available in Kerry.

“We want to give a strong message that Kerry is open for business in relation to food and drink, and that we have some of the best producers not just in Ireland ,but in the world”, says TJ O’ Connor, Head of Section, Hotel, Culinary and Tourism Department at IT Tralee Co. Kerry.

To view the publication online click here 

Thank you TJ for making me part of such a wonderful story.

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