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Consumption of Mackerel has become increasingly popular in recent years, this is mainly down to the health benefits associated with oily fish.

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Dingle Peninsula and around Dingle harbour is a great hot spot for Mackerel.

The method of filleting I will be displaying of the my video is called:

Block fillet /Butterfly fillet

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With this type of fillet the flesh is cut from both sides of a fish with the two pieces remaining held together by the skin.

Small whiting , herring and mackerel are normally done in this way.

Hot Smoking your own fish has attracted a lot of attention as it is easy to do and the results are fantastic.

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My video is a simple guide on brining and hot smoking Mackerel Fillets. I will give detailed step by step guide to preparing ,filleting , brining and hot smoking. You can use a tin for hot smoking. We are using a Bradley Smoker, as the cabinets smoke large batches of fish.

The final part of the video will demonstrate how to make a smoked Mackerel Pate, it can be served in a variety of ways , I will serve it with tossed salad and Homemade  brown bread.

I hope you enjoy my short video.