Beetroot Textures,Goats Cheese,Rye Crumble and Caraway Seed Tuille

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There is nothing more satisfactory than creating a dish that shines on the plate. When I was 7 years old I thought I was the creator of the chicken salad sandwich as every Sunday with the leftover cooked chicken I would finely dice onion , tomato , lettuce and the chicken , then I used to bind it with mayonnaise , I remember being so proud as it tasted delicious and it was my invention .

To me Modernist cuisine is about cooking in a way that builds an insight for technology and implementation of taste and being creative which in return creates delicious food.

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My starter dish in contemporary culinary trends module is beetroot textures, goats cheese, caraway tuille and rye crumble .I want people to enjoy the taste, textures and enjoy the creativity on the plate .As a chef I work to enjoy food but for my final dish in culinary arts I want the guests to be seduced by my plate through the different techniques and textures I am using.

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The concept for this starter came upon as in the restaurant goat’s cheese and beetroot are very popular ingredients. It is normally goat’s cheese salad with a pureed beetroot. This is why I chose beetroot done in many different ways.

Preparation was key in my dish as there were many elements.I think about plating like a painting, there should be a little unexpected like the contrast of the beetroot gel and beetroot vinaigrette in my starter.

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For the recipes and all the different elements I used, click here,you can also use different elements of the starter to suit your own creation.

It was an honour to work with such a fantastic team of chefs throughout the past few years of my hons degree, I have made friends for life.To my friend Ciaran, thank you for your advice on presentation.

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Contemporary Culinary Trends Portfolio

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With Contemporary culinary trends module we  used various techniques to understand the contemporary approach to cooking including , emulsifying , foams , gelling , low temperature cooking , spherification , thickening , dehydration,  freezing compression and smoking .

The ingredients used in the modern kitchen to create modernist dishes include , Agar , carrageenan , gelatin , lecithin,sodium alginate , Xanthan gum , calcium , gellan , dry ice and liquid nitrogen .The understanding of safety issues is vital with these ingredients .

For a full list of my portfolio which contains ingredients, method of work and costing’s please follow the link Contemporary Culinary Trends 2015

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Chef Magnus Nilsson

Chef Magnus NilssonChef Magnus Nilsson is a World Renowned Swedish Chef.

Magnus runs his restaurant Fäviken with the same ethos as the farm that the restaurant building once housed.

His small team of chefs harvest and preserve all the food for the restaurant by hand, using the most natural methods possible.

They reject the popular contemporary cooking equipment, such as low-temperature water baths and liquid nitrogen, in favour of simple cooking methods of grilling and roasting over open coals, relying on the chefs’ innate skills and knowledge of the product to get the perfect result.

This approach results in the highly creative food they serve in the restaurant, the pure, intense flavours of which, far from seeming traditional, are remarkable.

Chef Magnus Nilsson at work


Chef Magnus Nilsson is frequently referred to as the rising star of Nordic cooking. To find out why, and to read the full amazing story on the award winning Chef Magnus Nilsson, click this link >> culinary skills chef

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