Week 4 Plated Main Courses- Celebration of the Sea

Turbot dish

For Plated Main Courses I did a fabulous dish called Turbot, crab veloute, cannelloni, bloody Mary gel, saffron yoghurt, fennel textures.

Turbot lives in shallow waters and when it can, it will enthusiastically eat crab so it makes sense to combine both on a plate.

turbot imageVelvet crab are under appreciated delicacy in Ireland.

They get caught with the better known brown crab and are just as good to eat but people don’t tend to know this .

trawlerIn the recipe I am going to share ,I will  serve them with a kind of  veloute , accompanying the turbot fillet , and also as a cannelloni – a celebration of the sea .

It has many different elements but if you plan in advance, then this dish will really  impress and wow your guests!

Just click Week 4 Plated Main Courses to download full details on how to prepare this amazing dish.

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